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Rachel Pastirik graduated from Radford University with a Bachelor of Science degree in the Web Media and IT Field. This bright minded, entrepreneurial woman stepped out into the big world of business and left her college days behind with nothing short of recognition. Radford’s Annual University Competition judged by area media professionals and the college staff, applauded the remarkable efforts of Rachel for her Whim Internet Magazine contributions and judged her professional website design for a Great Falls Executive Coaching firm as one of the top web designs in the competition.

Look out world here she comes – trained, experienced, hard working and very, very talented. When asked “what motivated you to start your own company?” she replied from a home grown philosophy, “There is a way to do things…a right way, and a wrong way. People are getting ripped off out here and they pay too much money for bad sites.” She further added, “I like being my own boss, I can work one on one with the customer and make sure things are done right. I want to grow and learn, help my community, and give something to small and mid size businesses that they might not get otherwise”.

There you have it! Fresh out of college and already a conscientious, seasoned professional. Netdrafter – a new player in the website industry and already ahead of the game.

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